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Miles The Goose
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Miles the Goose...self-play travel games designed for Kids On the Go.

Strap your child into the car-seat. Launch Miles and relax. "Wack-A-Doo !!"

Designed specifically for kids 2-6, Miles has a revolutionary and elemental interface that will entertain Kids On the Go time and time again without requiring constant interruptions !

Kids play each game with a simple tap- no words to trip them up. And your child will play over and over as they fall in love with Miles the Goose - using what's going on outside the vehicle to create new gameplay and amazing engagement- it's just plain fun!


"when I first gave Miles to my 3 year old son Gabriel, I was concerned it was too simple. Boy was I wrong. He completely fell in love with Miles and the app is bulletproof- he turns it in different positions to make the background change colors."

" Bella actually looks out the window and plays the Alphabet game. She demands I bring Miles even when we're just going to the market"

" this app is a shock. Harrison LOVES Miles. When is volume 2 coming? Btw- the kids in it are very cute,too. Nice job with a tough age group"

" my twins Gina & Sophia fight over Miles in the car". Btw- it would be great if there was a Miles for airplanes app for when we travel to visit their grandparents. "

We're work'n on it! Much more Miles to come! Thanks for bringing Miles into your family.

We want your feedback so visit the website and leave a detailed note. Miles the Goose will thank you!

App Support and Comments email: miles@milesthegoose.com


Packaged in the app:

8 travel games that kids love to play over and over while traveling:

The Complete Alphabet Game!
Car Colors
Raindrop Race
Road Signs
Stars- a great way to introduce your kids to iPad astronomy apps!
Zoom Zoom